After Care Hair Advice

How do I Care for my new Human Hair Extension?

We hope you enjoy and happy with your human hair extension order,
please find below Regular After Care and Maintance guide and tips to achieve beautiful and lasting Human hair.


We recommend soft bristle brush to ensure no catch of your human hair extension, that can result to shedding.This will also leave the hair incredible shiny and sleek. Brushing at the end hair first, move upwards to mid lenghts then finally brush roots.

Pre - Wash / Cleansing

Ensure your human hair extension are firstly brushed, soak in warm water, apply desirable moisturing shampoo gently massage in circular motion, rinse thoroughly repeat if neccesary, then apply deep conditioner, using your brittle brush softly brush, you should leave the conditioning treatement on for between 3-10 minutes, once conditioned, rinse thoroughly with warm water,  Towel squeeze excess water, you can leave your hair to dry natural Or blow dry use of heat protective spray prior & upto 160 degree ideal for human hair extensions. Ensure that your hair is fully dry before sleeping. Leave in conditioner is highly recommended to nourish and lock moisture, preventing breakage and splits ends same time keeping frizz under control. if needed minimise grease by applying oil or serum just on the ends.

  • On the Head Human Hair Care Tips

    Follow same step by step guide above, always have head upright, we recommend deep conditioner applied mid - length, Do not apply to scalp or bonds this will minimise fall-out of extensions. For bounded hair, do not dry or heat over adhesive.

  • Swimming

    We recommend  you wear protective bathing cap whilst swimming in the sea or pool, as the chemicals in the pools or salt levels may affect your human hair extensions, plaiting or tying your hair before hand will  minimise frizz.

  • Sleep

    Do not sleep with wet or damp hair extensions, this can cause malting ,tangling and even damage to your hair. Silk or satin scarf wrap will keep the hair looking fabulous on the wake up.

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