What are Virgin Hair Extensions?

What are Virgin Hair Extensions? Why you should buy our virgin hair extension

What are Virgin Hair Extensions?

What are Virgin Hair Extensions?

Natural virgin hair extensions are manufactured with natural human hair which is chemically unprocessed and sourced from a donor.  Most of the extensions in today’s market have been altered by harsh washes, bleaches, dyes, or perms, but our products are made from pure virgin hair which is untreated, undyed, beautiful, healthy, and whole.

At Virgin Hair Company, we make your hair our first priority. As one of the most reputable distributors of pure hair extensions, we work to striveto consistently offer our customers with the best virgin hair extensions for their money.  

Our staff are licensed and have many years of experiences in the beauty niche, therefore expect the best product.  Besides, we have used the relationships and knowledge we have nurtured over many years to accomplish the optimum balance of value and quality in our hair products.


Benefits of Virgin Hair Extensions

Purchasing pure virgin hair extensions comes with many benefits. First, when hair is chemically treated or processed, it becomes hard to style it. A stylist experiences more difficulty in curling or straightening the hair that is chemically treated. As a result, you should opt for virgin extensions for colouring and better styling purposes. Moreover, when dyed or chemically treated hair gets damages and weakens more easily. That is why our virgin hair extensions are considered by many as a quality product since they never get weakened or damaged easily.

Why you should buy our products

The hair extensions you buy play an essentialrole in how you look. Therefore, the quality of the product is so crucial when you’re purchasing hair extensions. No hair extension is better than our virgin hair extensions. 

Besides, buying hair extensions online may be risky because you are ordering for a product that you’ve not held on your hand or felt it, and that’s why it is commendable your purchase from a reputable provider like Virgin Hair Company UK. Customer satisfaction and quality are one of the many goals we have managed to achieve. Thus, if you need hair extensions of excellent quality, then you should go for the product we offer our customers.

Why you should buy our virgin hair extension

Enhanced styling options

Processed hair is challenging to style as the existing dye and bleach make it hard for hair stylists to work with as they might not accept dyeing easily when compared to our virgin human hair extensions. Likewise, chemically treated hair is challenging to straighten or curl while our 100 per cent pure virgin hair extensions offer you with many styling options that give you the best results. 

Easy to colour

Our virgin human hair extensions can be styled and coloured as per your liking, with a specific hairstyle, straight or curled, that you’ve desired. Our natural hair extensions are 100% pure which means it comes from a single donor. Hence there’s no scope for adulteration or impurity.


Blends easily with original tresses

Our hair extensions blend greatly with the natural hair, andwhile the colour and the shade is exactly similar to your natural hair, it’s virtually impossible to differentiate to your hair; experienced stylists included.

Soft tresses

According to reviews from our customers, our virgin hair extensions are considered to be softer than the Remy hair extensions. Thus, it enables the user to choose among many variations of hairstyles. Our virgin human hair extensions can be easily conditioned, treated, and washed like your natural hair as it features minimal shedding which is a significant advantage when compared to synthetic extensions. You need to purchase the best quality virgin hair extensions that have minimal shedding and is tangle free.



You should also make sure that the hair extensions are tangle free. Our virgin hair extensions can be styled as you would do with your own hair. You can dye, straight, curl, blow-dry, and style it as you would do with your hair. However, you should note that high temperatures can permanently alter your hair texture and damage the hair. 


To ensure that your hair is in great shape, use hot oil treatment or a deep conditioner twice a month. This depends on your hair’s need. It is very vital if you use hair straighteners or you have your hair coloured.


For curly textures, you need frequent co-washes or shampoos. Wet the hair and apply shampoo gently. Slowly comb it with your fingers or a wide comb to remove tangles and then wash the hair in a downward motion. Rinse out the shampoo and apply a mask or a moisturising conditioner. With a shower cap on your head, wait for at least ten minutes and rinse out the conditioner properly. Rub in your desired products and then set the hair or air dry it. Ensure that you do not sleep with wet hair because it may tangle while you are asleep.

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